Tea Leaf Reading<br>Episode 3
To get ready we recommend that you brew your tea and have a teacup ready before this class, so we can all have fun together!

Tea Leaf Reading General Guidelines:
• The best cup: with wide opening on the top, porcelain or ceramic, light in color, preferably white and with no pattern inside.
• Make a pot of black loose leaf tea.
• Pour directly into the cups.
• Drink your tea thinking about a specific topic or make a wish.
• When only about ½ tsp. of liquid left at the bottom, swirl it counterclockwise or turn your cup from left to right 3 times, then tum it upside down onto the saucer, with handle towards you.
• After about 3 min, tum it over.
• Leaves on the bottom - distant future
• Leaves near the rim - immediate future
• Teacup handle - present
• If there are no patterns, that means your thoughts are too scattered to read the leaves :( PATTERN - MEANING:
Airplane - Promotion
Anchor - Success or Voyage
Basket - An Addition to the Family
Bat - Fruitless Journeys or Tasks
Bird - Good Luck
Boat - A Friend's Visit
Book - Revelation
Butterfly - Success & Pleasure
Cat - Difficulties caused by Treachery·
Chain - An Early Marriage
Circle - Good Luck, Money, Presents
Cross - Trouble
Dagger - Danger
Dog - Faithful Friend
Dragon - Great & Sudden Changes
Fish - Money
Hammer - Triumph over Adversity
Harp - Marriage, Success in Love
Heart - Love Affair
Hour Glass - Imminent Peril
House - Success
Kangaroo - A Rival in Business or Love
Ladder - Opportunity
Mushroom - Sudden Separation of Lovers after a Quarrel
Owl - An Evil Omen: Sickness, Poverty, Disgrace
Reptile - Quarrels
Ring - Marriage, if letter near, initial of the future spouse
Scale - Lawsuit
Snake - Trouble
Spider - Money Coming
Squares - Comfort & Peace
Straight Line - Journey
Sun, Moon, Stars - Happiness & Success
Trees - Lucky Sign
Triangle - Inheritance, Good Luck
Umbrella - Annoyance and Trouble
Unicorn - Scandal
Wings - Important Message