International Holidays Sweets and more
Looking for a special gift for a friend from another country? Check out our selection of International sweets and teas! We might just have some. Special orders accepted as well.

International Holidays:

CHINA: Chinese New Year, Feb-19-2015
IRELAND: St. Patrick,s Day, Mar-17-2015
ENGLAND: Queen's Birthday, April 24
HOLLAND:King's Birthday Willem-Alexander, April 27
SOUTH AFRICA: Freedom Day, April 27
JAPAN: Constitution Day, May 3
CANADA:Canada Day, July 1
IRELAND: St. Patrick's Day, March 17
SWEDEN: National Day of Sweeden, June 6
USA: Independence Day, July 4
FRANCE: Bastille Day/ French National Day, July 14
INDIA: Independence Day, August 15
ITALY: Ferragosto/Assumption Day, August 15
HUNGARY: St.Stephen's Day (Independence Day), August 20
JEWISH: Rosh Hashanah, Sept 14 (year 2015)
MEXICO: Independence Day, September 16
KOREA: Harvest Moon Festival, September 27(year 2015)
GERMANY: German Unity Day, October 3
TURKEY: Republic Day, October 29
POLAND: National Independence Day, November 11

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