Tea Chest - 40 pyramid tea bags
Tea Forte

Tea Chest - 40 pyramid tea bags<br>Tea Forte
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Nice collection of organic black, oolong, green, white and herbal blends. The open lid reveals a detailed tea menu for easy flavor selection. This beautiful reusable serving box can be conveniently refilled with trays of teas from your favorite Presentation Box.

This Tea Chest contains 40 pyramid tea infusers, two of each blend, including 5 black teas, 1 oolong tea, 7 green teas, 1 white tea, and 6 caffeine-free herbal blends.

All tea blends in this collection are USDA organic certified, most are Kosher Certified.

The collection contains 2 bags of each of the following teas:

1. DARJEELING QUINCE TEA, BLACK TEA, Citrus, quince, and hibiscus, Kosher.

2. EARL GREY TEA, BLACK TEA, Robust Assam and bergamot, Kosher.

3.ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA, BLACK TEA, A dark and rich superb Assam black tea, Kosher.

4. ESTATE DARJEELING, BLACK TEA, Single-origin black tea, Kosher.

5. VANILLA PEACH, BLACK TEA, The flavor of peach and tropical coconut, Kosher.

6. MOUNTAIN OOLONG TEA, OOLONG TEA, A deep, black with taste of peach, Kosher.

7. CHERRY MARZIPAN, GREEN TEA, Cherries and almond.

8. CUCUMBER MINT, GREEN TEA, Cool as a cucumber.

9. GREEN MANGO PEACH, GREEN TEA, Peach sharpened by peppermint and ginger, Kosher.

10. JASMINE GREEN TEA, GREEN TEA, Rare, green tea scented with jasmine flowers, Kosher.

11. LEMON SORBETTI TEA, GREEN TEA, Citrus and lemony-herbed tea, Kosher.

12. PASSION FRUIT PAPAYA, GREEN TEA, Mango and sunflower petals create a fresh tropical taste. Kosher.

13. SENCHA TEA, GREEN TEA, Early spring green tea, Kosher.

14. VANILLA PEAR TEA, WHITE TEA, Vanilla orchid melds with fresh baked pear for a relaxing cup.

15. BLUEBERRY MERLOT TEA, HERBAL TEA, Award-winning herbal blend, Kosher.

16.CHAMOMILE CITRON TEA, HERBAL TEA, Soothing caffeine-free chamomile.

17.CITRUS MINT, HERBAL TEA, Peppermint and citrus herbal tea, Kosher.

18.GINGER LEMONGRASS HERBAL TEA Citrus, cool spearmint and licorice, Kosher.

19. LEMON LAVENDER TEA, HERBAL TEA, Garden herbs, flowers & sweet apple, Kosher.

20.STRAWBERRY APPLE, HERBAL TEA, Ripe berries and lemon herbal tea, Kosher.