Sofa Summit
In honor of International Tea Day, (May 21, 2020,) the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada hosted interviews, with the following tea industry leaders, by their president, Shabnam Weber, all day on their YouTube Channel.

SofaSummit Schedule

8:30am Sebastien Michaelis, Tetley
9:00am Yu Lu, China Chamber of Food Stuffs and Native Products (China)
9:30am Rajah Banerjee, T'Classic (Darjeeling) Pvt Limited (India)
10:00am Arun Singh, Tea Vision (India)
10:30am Ketan Patel, Jalinga Tea Estate (India)
11:00am Stephen Twining, Twinings UK (UK)
11:30am Alfred Njage, KTDA (Kenya)
12:00pm Cindi Bigelow, Bigelow Tea (US)
12:30pm Gabriella Lombardi, Cha Tea Atelier (Italy)
1:00pm Joyce Maina, Cambridge Tea Consultancy (UK)
1:30pm Will Battle, Fine Tea Merchants (UK)
2:00pm Joe Panter, Camellia PLC
2:30pm Ramaz Chanturiya, Russian Association of Tea & Coffee Producers (Russia)
3:00pm Carolina Okulovich, Don Basilio Tea Producer (Argentina)
3:30pm Rona Tison, ItoEn (US)
4:00pm James Norwood Pratt, Author (US)
4:30pm Jane Pettigrew, UK Tea Academy (UK)
5:00pm Kevin Gascoyne, Camellia-Sinensis (Canada)
5:30pm Jeff Fuchs, Tea Explorer (US)
6:00pm Tania Stacey, CuppaCha & David Lyons, AUSTCS (Australia)
6:30pm Cecilia, Andres & Ariana, TianTe, Mexico
7:00pm Fred Yoo, Myung Won Cultural Foundation, Korea

Note: Afternoon tea time is around 4 pm and that is how you can remember to watch James Norwood Pratt!

Thank you to the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada for these interviews on International Tea Day, May 21, 2020.