Raw Pu-Erh Cake 2009 Liming - 357g
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Raw Pu-Erh Cake 2009 Liming - 357g
This is a newish recipe blend first offered in 2004 by the Liming Tea Factory.

It's a blend of Menghai area spring teas, that is tippy and potent! Aged for 4 years in Guangdong and then later in Kunming has given this a nice semi-aged feeling but without compromising it's complex character.

An affordable semi-aged tea that is suitable for enjoying now, but with the right kind of stuff to be a worthwhile candidate for further aging!

Weight: 357 grams = 12.6 ounces

Brand: Liming Tea Factory

Liming Tea Factory "Ba Jiao Ting" Liming 八角亭黎明 : This factory is found within Menghai of Xishuangbanna Prefecture. The name of the factory is Liming, and the trademark it runs under is "Ba Jiao Ting", which originates from a Buddhist tale. It was formed in 1964 and it has now established a firm reputation of being a safe and organic brand. It was won numerous national awards and is regarded as one of the top ten tea brands of Yunnan.