Marshmallow Root, Loose Leaf 1/4 lb
Item# marshmallowroot


Our Marshmallow Root (Althaea officinalis) is valued for its soothing and protecting mucilage and is used in teas, syrups, poultices, ointments and lozenges. Marshmallow root has a faint, starchy aroma and a somewhat sweet, mucilaginous taste. The very appearance of this plant is soothing to the soul; the grey-green leaves are softly fuzzy and the clustered flowers are a gentle pink and white, making the bushy plant seem almost cuddly. The perennial plant is about four feet tall and loves moist, rich soils (thus the name marsh-mallow or a mallow that loves the marsh). It prefers full or part sun, is easy to grow and makes a good addition to the herb garden. Native to Europe and western Asia, it's now naturalized in temperate regions of the United States.