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Darjeeling Himalaya Blend is a classic of our second flush assortment!

Appearance: a medium, regular, dark Sinensis leaf with some tips.

This second flush tea was blended especially for our supplier and is of high-grade quality. The taste is spicy and fully aromatic. Not a common everyday tea, but a delight for every day. The infusion of the Darjeeling Himalaya blend welcomes you with a bronze-colored cup and a harmoniously spicy flower!

Second Flush refers to the plucking season of May through June. The flavor is stronger, and as such, Second Flush teas are sometimes preferred over First Flush teas by lovers of hearty and full-bodied teas.

Steep for 4-5 minutes at 203-212 Fahrenheit using 1 level teaspoon of tea and 6 oz of water.