Chestnut Tea, Whole Leaf 1/4 lb
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Chestnut Tea, Whole Leaf 1/4 lb

Chestnut Tea

Premium Ceylon black tea flavored with roasted chestnuts. Perfect for enjoying in front of an open fire. With Jack Frost nipping at your nose, this is the ideal time to enjoy this Holiday favorite. Roasty, smooth and full-bodied, with a pleasant dryness. Help to make the season bright, give this limited-time tea a try.

If you could smell this tea you would want to roll around in it like a dog because it smells so great.

The chestnut has been a staple food in southern Europe, Turkey, and Asia for millennia, largely replacing cereals where they would not grow in mountainous areas. They are a beloved treat during the holidays here in America (thanks to a certain Christmas carol). In France, the marron glace - a candied chestnut involving 16 different processes (in typical French cooking style) - is served at Christmas and New Year's time. They are also always served in celebration of the New Year in Japan. There, chestnuts are said to represent both success and hard times, as well as mastery and strength.

This tea contains a high level of caffeine

Steep at 212 for 3 minutes.

Ingredients: Blended with black tea and natural chestnut flavor