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Chocolate and Pairing Guide for Your Reference:

Tea as wine can be paired well with other foods and confections to create new, indulgent multi-sensory experience! For example, some teas have a bit of astringency & grassiness in their taste, so pairing those with chocolate mellows them out and creates a whole new sensation!

Teas and chocolates can be matched as “Like & Like”, or as a “Contrast”. Also the same tea paired with different types of chocolate might create some new and surprising flavors! Mix & match, and have fun!


- Prepare several types of tea ahead of time. Keep them warm (cozy will work great!)
- Break various chocolate types into small pieces: white, milk, dark, fruit flavored.
- You might also want to have a writing pad and pen ready for taking notes!
- Use tablespoon to slurp the tea so that it sprays to the taste buds in the back of your mouth, swirl tea all around your mouth, and swallow
- Take small bite of the chocolate, and follow with another sip of tea.
- Repeat with other teas and chocolates, mix & match.

Our Recommendations:

TEA CHOCOLATE Assam/Chai/Darjeeling - Milk Chocolate
Milk Oolong/Matcha/Genmaich - White Chocolate
Earl Grey/Jasmine - Citrus Chocolate
Chestnut/Fruit Blend - Dark Chocolate
Gunpowders/ Smoky Teas - Milk Chocolate
Pu-Erh (aged teas) - Dark Chocolate

Other sweets and foods may be paired with chocolate very well too, such as cheeses, candy, fudge, ethnic foods (Indian foods, baklava), nuts etc. Possibilities are endless!

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