Ashby's Tea Collection

Ashby's Tea Collection
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Ashby's Tea Collection

Enjoy 4 tea bags each of 6 delicious varieties.

English Breakfast - A blend of China Black Keemun teas. Named after the English who felt the bold flavor of this blend was enhanced by adding milk.

Cinnamon Orange - This delicious herbal tea with cinnamon bark and just the right amount of natural spiced citrus flavors.

Japanese Green Tea - This panfired green tea has a delicate, flowery flavor and a lovely golden amber color. Green tea is for its recent discovered health benefits.

Ginger Peach Tea - A fine blend of pure black tea from Kenya, Ceylon and Indonesia flavored with the essence of fresh southern peaches and Asian ginger. The combination is a delightful blend of fruit and mild spice.

Raspberry Tea - This black tea is flavored with the tangy taste of sun-ripened red raspberries.

Earl Grey Tea - Ashbys flavors their own Earl Grey using a China black FOP(Flowery Orange Pekoe) tea that has just the right body and flavor to enhance the oil of bergamot.

Contains 24 foil wrapped tea bags. Net Wt 1.69 oz (48g) in a cute tea book.

Steep 1 tea bag in 6oz. of freshly boiled water for 5 minutes to enjoy the best of Ashby's tea.

James Ashby, a traditional family man, established the Ashbys® Tea firm in London in 1850. Importing and packaging only the highest quality teas from the most prestigious tea growing areas of the world, Ashbys® Tea has become a standard among fine English teas. Imported exclusively by Coffee Masters, Inc. and sold through gourmet retailers like The Cafe Connection, Ashbys® Tea offers quality, freshness and packaging that reflects the heritage and reputation that the English have come to expect of a great tea.

Each variety of tea is packaged in a beautiful, colorful tea bag and sold in a clear acetate box. Ashbys tea bags are foil-wrapped for freshness. Foil wrapping is an air-tight packaging process that holds the flavor in the tea bag longer. Ashbys teas taste fresher and have a longer shelf life than paper wrapped tea bags.