Welsh Brew Tea, 80 bags
in a gift tin

Welsh Brew Tea, 80 bags<br>in a gift tin
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Murroughs Welsh Brew Tea, 80 bags in a gift tin or caddy.

Murroughs Welsh Brew tea, (Paned Gymreig), 80 bags. Made in Wales.

So nice to come home to.

Picture shows the front and back of the box. The box is inside of the gift tin that looks identical.

This is Murroughs traditional blend of Kenyan and Assam tea, the one that you are most likely to have sampled at one of the shows or maybe at a cafe in Brecon. The Kenyan tea gives it its lovely red color whilst the Assam gives it a nice clean finish. A smooth tasting tea made even better by brewing in your favourite tea pot.

80 round bags of Murroughs finest blend of African and Indian teas selected for their strength, color and smoothness of flavor. For best results place one bag per person into a warmed teapot. Pour in freshly boiled water and leave to brew for 3-4 minutes. Stir before pouring to maximize infusion. Store in a cool dry place away from any strong odors as tea is really good at absorbing other scents from around the kitchen.

Murroughs Welsh Brew is a true family business. For the last ten years, ALAN, JAMES and SARAH have worked on establishing their tea as an iconic Welsh brand, creating a unique blend of African and Indian teas, specifically blended to perfectly complement Welsh water. And we’ve grown for one simple reason – those who try Welsh Brew, keep buying it.

Murroughs Welsh Brew is bilingually packaged, and available across Wales. If you order online, you won’t even have to leave the house!