Tea Class & Tea Tasting Level 2 Gift Cerificate

Tea Class & Tea Tasting Level 2 Gift Cerificate
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Do you have a tea aficionado on your Christmas list? Not sure what to get? Tea Class with Tea Tasting and a take home samples would make a perfect gift!
This class is designed for Tea Connoisseurs, who want to further explore the World of Tea. Rare teas samples will be shared with other Tea Addicts as well. Covered topics will include: Overview of 6 Types of Tea & Processing Tea Grading System. Chemistry of Tea Terroir: China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, Kenya. Rare Teas: Pu-Erhs, Tea Bricks, Nests. Finding the best Tea. Expert Tea Paraphernalia. Understanding Organoleptic Tea Experience followed by a Tea Tasting of 6 teas: Silver Needle – Chinese White Tea Guokuro Japanese Green Tea Huang Shan Mountain –Huang Ya – Yellow Tea Quangzhou Milk Oolong – China Glenburn Estate 2nd Flush Darjeeling – India Pu-Erh Kunming (cake) Tea