Sencha Almond Fir Tree Whole Leaf Tea



Only for sale at Christmas Time

Wonderful tea for winter and for any time of the year! The aroma is heavenly...

Ingredients: green tea (80 %), orange slices, planed almonds, flavoring, pink peppercorns, safflower.
Allergen alert - contains Real Almonds!

Green tea blend.

flavor: Sencha Winter Pine (Almond/Orange)

Invokes the anticipation of the holidays with this blend of festive greens. The traditional red of the peppercorns and the safflower is shining together with the classical gold of the orange slices and the ╩royal╦ leaves of our Chinese Sencha and Japanese Bancha!

This festive combination of smoothly sweet almond and refreshing orange tickles the taste buds of all Christmas angels and of those, who would like to be one.

A good tea all year long.

Steep for 2-3 minutes at 176-194 F using 1 level tsp. of tea for each 6 oz serving.