Pillow Time Teas Sampler, Loose Leaf Tea
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Whether you're settling in for the night or just looking to relax, Adagio's caffeine-free collection is sure to add comfort to your cup. Cozy up with some of these soothing favorites, guaranteed to lull you into a sense of serenity. Total weight 2.0 oz, makes 25 cups. This set includes:

40 winks - One cup before bed makes for an ideal way to unwind and lull yourself into a deep slumber.

Chamomile - A beloved herb from Egypt's Nile River Valley. The aroma of freshly cut apples, calming floral-sweet flavor.

Rooibos Vanilla - Rich vanilla and sweet, lightly fruity Rooibos herb. Warm sugar cookies, mellow flavor, smooth finish. Yum!

Peppermint - A native of the Mediterranean, revered for its cool, crisp aroma, deeply fresh flavor, and smooth finish.