Oh Ryan's Irish Potatoes - Coconut and Cinnamon

Oh Ryan's Irish Potatoes - Coconut and Cinnamon
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Irish Potatoes are not Irish and there is no potato in them. A Philadelphia tradition for over 100 years, they are a coconut cream center rolled in cinnamon. Because they are rolled in cinnamon, they look like small potatoes. They traditionally come out for St. Patrick's Day, hence the name “Irish Potatoes.”

Irish Potatoes have been a Philadelphia tradition for over 100 years. Oh Ryan's Irish Potatoes is a family-run company that has been making Irish Potatoes since 1989. They named the company after their 1-year-old son, Ryan, since he has such a nice Irish name.

Now that Ryan is all grown up, he works alongside his father in the company that has grown to be the largest producer of Irish Potatoes today. 90% of their sales have been in the Philadelphia area, but they have shipped them all across the country from Massachusetts to Florida, to California, and as far away as Nome, Alaska.

Ingredients: Sugar, coconut (no sodium metabisulfite added), high fructose corn syrup, butter (dairy product), binosol-15 (tapico starch), egg whites, maxinvert (invert sugar), coconut and vanilla flavoring, citric acid, cinnamon. Allergy Information: processed in plant with peanut and other nuts present, milk/dairy.

Irish Potatoes are packed in 7 oz boxes (15 potatoes per box) and are shrink-wrapped for freshness.