North Bank Tea and Coffee Press
2 Cup

North Bank Tea and Coffee Press <br> 2 Cup <br>
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2 Cup/ 350 ml/ 12 oz
The "French Press" or "Tea Press" as we like to call it produces an exceptionally flavorful tea. This method allows you to use your favorite loose tea without the worry of leaves in your cup.

Use 1 teaspoon of whole leaf tea and while the tea is steeping watch "the agony of the leaf" as the leaf uncurls, releasing all it's hidden flavor and goodeness.

The stainless steel filter traps even the smallest of tea leaves. Cleaning is simple and fast.

French Press is very easy to use. Just place coffee or loose tea and hot water inside. Replace lid and plunger. Let it steep for desired amount of time and then push the plunger down. It will hold tea leaves or coffee grinds at the bottom. Pour your beverage into the cup or mug. Enjoy!