Nepal First Flush
Spring 2019
La Mandala, Clonal Delight, 2oz (60g)
limited qty,

Nepal First Flush<br>Spring 2019<br>La Mandala, Clonal Delight, 2oz (60g)<br>limited qty,
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La Mandala Specialty Tea Pvt. Ltd" consists of a community of small tea farmers who only grow and process small individual batches of tea. Therefore the tea has very unique, one of a kind characteristics!
These leaves are from the First Flush (first Spring tea picking) of the current 2019 year.
First flush, begins in the fourth week of March and continues until the end of April.
After the winter dormancy period, tea plants are filled with nutrients and juices, which are pumped into these first tender green leaves.
There is nothing more heavenly for a tea connoisseur as such fresh tea air freighted straight from the plantation!

TEA CHARACTER: The leaves are tender and the liquor is light yellowish green in color, having a delicate taste with subtle aroma and flavor. Black tea, but with some Oolong notes!