Glass Tea Maker with Stainless Steel Infuser

Glass Tea Maker with Stainless Steel Infuser
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Heat resistant, glass teapots offer a clear look into the tea liquor as it infuses. These really takes the guesswork out of knowing how strong you like your tea. Constructed of heat resistant pyrex and food safe 18/8 grade stainless steel.
Unique built in tea infuser can be lowered or raised and locked in place to make delicious loose leaf tea. 1. Fill the infuser with 3 teaspoons full of tea leaves and screw it onto the lid. 2. Fill the pot with boiling water. 3. Replace lid and lower the infuser handle. This will automatically position the infuser in the center of the pot where it will be fully submerged in water for perfect brewing! 4. When the tea reaches the desired strength simply pull the knob up until the infuser is no longer immersed. Fold handle at hinged joint to lock in place.