Chai Teas Sampler, Loose Leaf Tea
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Take your love of spice to another level with Adagio's four different takes on the classic Masala Chai. Total weight 3.2 oz, makes 40 cups. This set includes:

Thai Chai - Creamy coconut and playfully floral lemongrass highlight this succulent chai blend.

Spiced Apple Chai - Timeless duo of apples and spice. Juicy and pleasantly sweet, like warm applesauce, with a clean, refreshing texture.

Chocolate Chai - Exotic Masala Chai flavors from India paired with dark chocolate. Soothing cocoa, zesty warmth, seamless texture.

Masala Chai - Warm and inviting fragrance, zesty flavor (without being too hot or spicy) and invigorating, aromatic finish.