Bonavita Cosmopolitan
1.3L Variable Temp.
Electric Kettle Glass

Bonavita Cosmopolitan<br>1.3L Variable Temp.<br>Electric Kettle Glass
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You will love this beautiful and functional glass electric kettle!
No more temp. guessing.
Extract your tea with the best water temperature recommended.
Boil button prepares boiling water with a single touch.
Hold button heats and holds at temperatures between 140˚-208˚f for up to 60 minutes.
Preset temperature button for quick access to common brewing temperatures preset temps: 140f (60C), 176f (80c), 185F (85c), 190f (88c), 205F (96c) and 208f (98c).
Adjustable in one-degree increments between 140˚-208˚f.
Gooseneck spout for precise pour control.