Big Leaf Mo Hei Pu Erh Cake (Ripe 2008) - 375g
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About This Cake

Mo Hei is a small town known for its production of high quality Pu Erh tea, located just a few miles north of Pu Erh City.

Rich and deeply satisfying, this tea never disappoints. Dark, earthy, smooth, and silky. Sip it with something or someone.

Pu Erh Tea is known to help regulate digestion and increase metabolism. The Royal Family of the Qing dynasty demanded Pu Erh as Royal Tributes to help degrease their meaty diets.

Cake Details Weight: 357 grams Diameter: 7.5 inches Brews: about 70 pots of tea Make sure you have a tea pick to pry apart the tea cake!