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Aerobie AeroPress
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Aerobie AeroPress
AEROBIE® AeroPress™

The new Aerobie® AeroPress™ coffee maker utilizes a breakthrough in the coffee brewing process to yield the smoothest, richest coffee that you have ever tasted.

o Using the ideal water temperature and gentle but rapid air pressure brewing yields rich flavor with lower acidity and without bitterness. The result is ultra smooth coffee.
o Total immersion brewing results in uniform extraction of the ultimate in full, rich coffee flavor.
o Microfiltered for grit-free coffee - unlike other press-type coffee makers.
o Fast, the Aerobie® AeroPress™ coffee maker takes you from start to savor in only a minute.
o Makes American style coffee or an espresso-style shot perfect for use in lattés or cappuccinos.
o Made in the U.S.A.

Proper brewing temperature, total immersion brewing, and rapid micro-filtering are the keys to coffee flavor excellence. The revolutionary Aerobie® AeroPress™ coffee maker is designed to optimize these factors. The result is the smoothest, richest coffee you have ever tasted. It makes American style coffee or an espresso-style shot perfect for use in lattés or cappuccinos.

What coffee grind should I use for my Aeropress? We recommend using "fine drip" grind. If you use a blade grinder, run it for 20 to 30 seconds. For single-scoop pressings, you can even use espresso grind. Using a fine grind helps brew very rich flavor.

To play the official Aerobie® AeroPress™ Videos click the controls below:
The first video shows how to make a great cup of american coffee.

The second video shows how to make a great espresso or latte! The videos are almost the same.


Areopress* replacement filters

For the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso maker

350 per pack

made by Aerobie inc.
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